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Convert PDF to Word online

WPS PDF to Word is a fast, high quality PDF converter that is easy to use and is able to retain all formatting.
Adobe PDF files can be converted to DOC/DOCX easily, with no registration required. The app also has the ability to split-merge PDF pages for your PDF conversion, and the PDF files can then be selected to convert according to your needs and requirements.
  • How to convert PDF to Word

    Getting to grips with WPS PDF to Word is very easy. Simply launch WPS Writer and open 'PDF to Word' in the "Special Features" section of the top menu.

  • We protect the privacy of your files!

    Next, drag or open the PDF file from your local file storage. Finally, click "Start" to begin conversion, and the newly created, editable file will be opened automatically after finish.

  • For all operating systems

    Please note that this version of WPS PDF to Word has the following limitations: Convert PDF document in 5 pages.

  • Quickly convert PDF to DOC

    The file conversion service process is very fast, and the conversion can be completed very quickly for ordinary file volumes.

  • Best PDF to Word conversion quality

    The process of converting PDF to Word document is not simple. After in-depth research and development of WPS, we can provide you with the best quality conversion service.

  • Cloud conversion service

    We have multiple cloud servers that convert PDF to Word files, so you don't need to worry, let us handle everything.

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