Wr3d Wwe2k22 Mod Apk

WWE 2K22 (2022). ANDRO TECH CP currently has 515,683 views spread across 48 videos for WWE 2K22.

WR3D WWE 2k22 Mod Apk is a popular WWE mod version of MCDickie’s WR3D which is well known as wrestling revolution 3D.

There's close to 5 hours worth of content for WWE 2K22 published on his channel, or 18.20% of the total watchable video on ANDRO TECH CP's YouTube channel. 4.9/5 - (21 votes) . Discover the latest updated version of wr3d 2k22 mod apk download with new exciting features, attacks, moves, crushes, realistic costumes, and a clean interface.

Plus, this major release runs smoothly on high and low-spec Android devices that are running on less RAM and storage. Additionally, this article has a Wiki of the major moves in pro wrestling and sports entertainment that are available inside the game. Best of all, the PC version is already available on a separate post with gameplay videos.

Also, to learn the major secrets of wr3d 2k22 apk, be sure to read the entire page. With that in mind, let’s get started. Android Operating System 4.4 and up.

Download WR3D WWE 2K22 Mod Apk V1.8.0

1 GB RAM minimum – 4 GB RAM (Hardware) – recommended for a better experience. At least 1 GB of free disk space (Internal Storage).

The startup cover of wr3d 2k22 download contains the cover of Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre with Background Music, Yalgaar, instrumental by Carryminati. Moreover, we can increase the casting limit to up to 100 characters and the item limit to 30.

There’s also an option to turn on and off for Hell in a Cell if we visit Options and tap on Display.

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In addition to that, we have the backstage pass and pro license unlocked.

It means that we can increase all the attributes of a character to its maximum limits.

  • Also, if we tap on “Universe” in the main menu, we can Edit Rosters, Generate, Backup, or Restore Defaults.
  • Plus, there are realistic entrances that can be changed by editing the character and tapping on Entrance > Lighting.

WR3D 2K22 MOD APK Download Information

  • Also, 47 different new theme songs are added to the game.
  • Those intros are taken from real-world pro wrestlers performing in different companies all over the world.
  • Likewise, there are over 226 new gestures for entrance, taunt, special move, and celebration.
  • Similarly, there are over 35 unique hairstyles and 21 accessories for character editing.
  • The best part is that it contains over 232 Face options of different wrestlers if we go to Costumes > Wrestling Costume > Face.

Other Videos By ANDRO TECH CP

  • Also check: wrestling revolution 3d original apk.
  • On the other hand, it contains the following props besides the regular wr3d WWE mod.
  • Briefcase with different colors.
  • Baseball Bat of color variants.
  • UK Championship.
  • Cruiserweight Belt.
  • Silver Play Button. Golden Play Button. Rare Diamond Play Championship.
  • Titles from Impact Wrestling, NXT & North American brand, IWGP, AEW Championships.
  • MJOLNIR (Thor’s Hammer).
  • Captain America’s Shield. Demon King’s Crown.
  • SmackDown, Raw, and WWF Belts. World Heavyweight Championships.
  • Barbed Wire Bat. Microphones of different brands.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Unbreakable Steel Steps.
  • Similar: Wrestling Revolution 3D pro license. When it comes to attacks, the Favoured Upper and Lower have no changes, same as the original game.
  • However, there are major big updates on the Big and Running Attacks.

We have added three different versions of the Claymore Kick made famous by Drew McIntyre. Similarly, there’s the European Uppercut move available, made famous by Antonio Cesaro. Some other new attacks include:.

Full Clothesline. two variations of Pele Kick by AJ Styles. Rear View of Naomi. Rolling Back Kick used by various superstars. three variations of Super Kick. 3 versions of Superman Punch (made famous by Roman Reigns).

Two different Trouble in Paradise by Kofi Kingston. V-Trigger by Kenny Omega. Step Up Enzuguiri is used by multiple wrestlers. Again, the ‘Flying Attack’ allows performing moves from the top of an object or turnbuckles when the opponent is on his/her feet.

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