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Customer problem: After the 03.2020 MB SD C4 Xentry software updates automatically, I couldn’t login. And a fault message pops up with the words “The data are faulty”. Now I cannot do anything. How to solve?

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Solution from cardiagtool.co.uk engineer:

Download Free Software Mercedes Das Xentry Installation.

The error maybe caused by clicking the upgrade icon to update software.

Please solve this error by the following steps:

Step 1: Free download the following link to fix.

Xentrypatch202003: https://share.weiyun.com/5uIxwgI

Password: eswr9a

Size: 2GB

Security: No risk!

Step 2: Start Task Manager to end these process incl. “AddOnCenter.exe”, “Java.exe” and “javaw.exe”

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  • Free Software Download. Mercedes Xentry Download. Das Xentry Software Download Pc. 07.2017 Mercedes-Benz Xentry diagnostic Software Update Notice: The fresh 07.2017 Mercedes Benz Xentry software is available to free download here! And software with 07.2017 MB Xentry wallpaper.

Step 3: Open Dish [C:] to find “AddOnCenter.exe”

Note: If you only can see “AddOnCenter” as below, open “Organize” -> select “Folder and search options”-> select “View”-> remove the tick of “Hide extensions for known file types” and click “Apply”.

Then “AddOnCenter.exe” appears on the screen

Step 4: Change the file name “AddOnCenter.exe” to “AddOnCenter.ex-1”, then it will not update automatically.

Step 5: Delete these 12 items from Disk [C:] incl. Bilder, bin, fusoko, Kontexte, llist, Mappings, NFZ, Templates, matainfo.txt, metaunfo_dara.txt, start_Xentry.ini and ValidPeriod.txt as shown in the following pictures.

Step 6: Open Driver [F:]-> click “Mount Image”-> Open

Step 7: Select “Xentrypatch202003.iso” installed in Disk [C:] and click “Open”

Step 8: Click “Open folder to view files”

Step 9: Copy all the items in the Xentrypatch file to Disk [C:] Xentry file

Step 10: After finish copying process, restart the computer and then can run 2020.03 MB SD C4 Xentry software

Video reference:

Note: If you have the error “The data are faulty” when running 2019.12 Xentry software, you also can refer to the solution above to solve, the difference is that you need to download the Xentrypatch2019.12 as below.

Xentrypatch2019.12: https://share.weiyun.com/5dLTPWG

Password: mlpnqm

Size: 2.02 GB

Security: No risk!

Xentry Das Free Download Windows 10

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MB Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 free download

https://mega.nz/#F!ZUZz3JBL!0NSwL9wyFV9ApFqRR0Jofw , 28774.84MB

PW: OpenShell9.2017

MB Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 software features:

Starkey like old version 7 2017 and 5 2017

More secure

Data is not visible

DAS Controlled from xentry

AddOnCenter doesn`t close to a tray, if it was once opened , to get create controlled for Message Queue (MSMQ) Server, that why show error on shutdown

Security analysis:

There new security not activated, may be will activated on next version

Xentry Das Patcher Download

2221-XX Verify by server

3.91 Verify by vehicles

DAS License verify by Xentry


https://mega.nz/#F!ZUZz3JBL!0NSwL9wyFV9ApFqRR0Jofw , 28774.84MB>https://mega.nz/#!gdIV1CzA!XGlvg0Ckh65uQcXkFMJfwqQ_5QV0grfAqYL-QIDyVQQ 46KB (No pass)

Try to download and test at your own risk. Remind: it may too slow to download the 28774.84MB files online.

Any better source to have MB Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09?

Yes! I go for this MB Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 in SSD format


Also this MB Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 in common HDD format

Mercedes Xentry Das Software Free Download



No need to download such large files

Comes with after-sale service


Xentry OpenShell 2017.9 support tool

Xentry OpenShell 2017.9 installation:

Xentry das free download software


  1. You need absolute clean windows. choose win 7 32bit
  2. Available hard disk space: C::157.00GB.

Take an example.

Xentry OpenShell 2017.9 installation error: The InstallShield Wizard was interrupted before Xentry Diagnostics Openshell could be completely installed.

Possible reasons:

1- from virus

2- or Microsoft Message Queue Service is not enable

Please make sure you do like these tips:

  1. You need absolute clean windows. choose win 7 32bit
  2. Click to show you the log file and read that. It will be specified what has gone wrong with your install.
  3. Be sure to run your install with administrator rights and have enough room on your HDD.

Finally, the problem is solved.

It was the Microsoft Message Queue Service not enabled now is installing fine.

In conclusion:


Online download the free version or pay a about 100dollars to get the verified version with after-sales service, it’s up to you.

Good luck.

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