Xmodem Hyperterminal Download

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Xmodem Hyperterminal Download Free

xmodem (and zmodem) and a few others were file transfer protocols used back in the late 80's early 90's when PCs were dial-up to bulletin boards (before Windows 95) and you were uploading / downloading files over the dial-up or a serial console connection. It is from the days before the connection from home was an Internet connection.

A program of the era was called 'kermit'. and there was another command called 'sz' and 'rz' for send and recieve 'zmodem' that I believe also knew xmodem.

Do you have an option for tftp? It would probably be easier to set up a TFTP server using Google's TFTP GUI for example. Don't leave TFTP on, or enabled the first T stands for trivial and which means really simple file transfer -- no user name or password so the server will send/accept files just because something asked.

Xmodem For Windows

Xmodem Hyperterminal Download

Xmodem Hyperterminal Download

TFTP was the usual method for a network device like a switch to get/send/store its configuration files from something on the network.

Xmodem Terminal Software

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