Youtube Activation Code

Activate Youtube via on your device. Activate Youtube using is a simple procedure you need to complete using a phone, tablet or a PC in order to begin using the video streaming service on your Smart TV, Xbox, Switch or another device.

Activate Youtube via on your device

This procedure binds the device with user’s Google account and starts the sign-in process. Connecting Google account to TV allows to watch videos from the video-sharing platform. The user is required to enter the code displayed on TV screen to, which starts the app activation.

Unfortunately, the instructions provided by the YT app itself are very brief, which causes confusion for the users. Not everyone knows how to get this code, where to open the given link – via TV or phone, and where to enter it. This issue gets annoying as watching videos from this media sharing platform is one of the best pleasures after purchasing a new TV.

To put it simply, activating Youtube requires you to:. Download and open Youtube app on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, click Sign in. Use another device (f.e., computer or mobile) to open a web browser and navigate to Here, sign in to your Google account. Then, type in the code displayed on your TV screen.

Watching videos on a large screen boosts the whole experience to a whole new level. With a variety of 4K videos available on the video streaming platform, we can enjoy watching shows, vlogs, tutorials, music videos and other content in the highest quality possible.

Activating Youtube on your device is very simple, yet without any instructions it may seem tricky. In this guide, we’ll describe how to activate Youtube using on Roku, Amazon Fire, Smart TVs, Playstation, Xbox One, Kodi, Samsung or Apple TV and Nintendo Switch.

    • Smart devices such as Kodi, Xbox One, Playstation, Apple or Samsung TVs and others require signing into YT account to connect the streaming platform and start watching videos immediately.
    • The whole process is similar to Netflix activation experience.
    • Youtube activate not working?
    • Follow the directions given below and find out how to enable video-streaming service on your smart device and older TV models.
  • In order to Youtube activate and watch videos via Xbox One, One S and X models in 4K and lower quality, you need to find and open YT app.
  • You may need to enter Google account information to sign in for the first time.
  • Here is a step-by-step guide on how to confirm YT account on Xbox One:.
  • Open Youtube app.
  • Navigate to Sign in & Settings.
  • Select Sign in and press X on your controller.

Enter the code

You will see the activation code on the screen. Now, take either your mobile phone or computer and go If required, sign into your Google account.

Enter the code displayed on your screen and click Next. Click Allow Access to complete the activation procedure.

You’re good to go! You can now enjoy Youtube videos on Xbox One instantly. If you’re looking on how to activate Youtube on Roku, this is a very easy guide that you can use to complete this task.

  1. Follow the steps provided by our experts to find and enter Roku code into site.
  2. First of all, connect Roku to your TV and log into your Roku account. An internet connection is required to complete the activation, so make sure to turn it on.
  3. Go to Home screen by pressing the corresponding button on your remote. Click Channel Store and press OK on remote.
  4. Navigate to Top Free option, then choose Youtube and press OK.
  5. Select Add Channel option and press OK. Youtube channel should now be added to My Channels section.
  6. You can check this by going to Home > My Channels. Open Youtube channel.
  7. Go to the Gear icon in the Youtube channel and click OK.
  8. Choose Sign in and provide your Youtube account details (if required). Roku will provide Youtube activation code on your screen.
  9. Take your phone or computer and go to If you’re not signed into Google account, do so now.

Remove devices linked with a code

Once signed in, you will be asked to enter 8 digit code which was given by Roku. Do so and click Next.

Choose your YT account, then click Allow access to complete the verification procedure. You can use youtube activate link to connect your Youtube account to your Smart TV in a few simple steps.

Keep in mind that not all TVs support this video platform.

  1. However, if you checked and it does, just follow these simple steps to start enjoying video content immediately.
  2. Launch Youtube app on your TV. Navigate to the Gear icon on the left side and open it.
  3. Your TV now will display 8 digit code. Take your phone or computer and go to
  4. If required, sign into your Google account. Enter the 8 digit code which is displayed on your Smart TV screen.
  5. Click Next, then choose your Youtube account, then click Allow to complete.
  6. If you’re wondering how to watch Youtube on an old TV, you have just found the answer.
  7. TV models which were manufactured earlier than 2013 are likely to be using old flash Youtube app.
  8. Here’s how to connect and stream Youtube videos on such TVs:.

Complete Guide to Youtube Activate on Smart TV

Open the Youtube app on your TV. On the left side, choose Sign in option. Your TV now should display an 8 digit code. Take your phone, tablet or computer and go to If required, sign in and enter the code displayed on your TV screen.

Click Next, choose your Youtube account and click Allow. Amazon Fire TV gives you an opportunity to watch Youtube and control the app via Alexa.

However, to begin enjoying such experience, you’ll need to activate Youtube first.

  1. Here’s what you need to do:. If you haven’t installed the app already, use Fire TV search to find and download it.
  2. Make sure you download Youtube app. Open Youtube App.
  3. Click Sign in on the left pane. You will see the code on your screen.
  4. Now go to the URL which is also shown on the screen (com/activate). Sign in to Google account, then enter the displayed authorization code.
  5. Click Next, choose your Youtube account and Allow to confirm.

Find the code

Activating Youtube on Playstation is incredibly easy. All you need to do is to open the app, get the verification code and enter it via the said domain online.

Here is a detailed guide:. Open Youtube in Playstation. If you do not have this app yet, you can download it from the Playstation Store.

In the app, go to Sign in & Settings.

  1. Choose Sign in option and press X on your controller. You will get the authorization code on your screen.
  2. Now take your phone, tablet or another device and go to
  3. Sign into your Google account, then enter the given authorization code and click Next.
  4. Choose your YT account, then click Allow to provide access. To activate Youtube on Kodi you’ll have to put a little more effort.

However, our guide explains how to enter code in youtube and access videos on your device.


Here is what you’ll need to do:. Go to Settings, then select Add-ons. Select Install from Repository/Get Add-ons. Choose Kodi Add-on Repository. Choose Video Add-ons. Here, find and select Youtube, then Install.

As soon as it gets installed, go to Videos > Add-ons.

  1. Select Sign in. This will provide the authorization code on your screen. Using another device, such as tablet, phone or laptop, go to the shown link (ending in com/activate) and sign in to Google account (if required).
  2. Enter the code displayed on your screen. Click Next, choose YT account to proceed, then choose Allow.
  3. It is very easy to activate youtube on Apple TV. You’ll just have to fetch the code from sign-in page, and enter it via the same authorization link online.
  4. On Apple TV, go to Sign in & Settings. Here, select Sign in. This will display the authorization code on your screen.
  5. Now go to via phone, tablet, or laptop. If required, sign into your Google account and then enter the given authorization code.

Activate Youtube on Playstation 3

Choose YT account to proceed and then click Allow to finish. Use the provided steps to activate Youtube on your Samsung TV via While some models don’t support YT app, the majority of them do. If you can’t activate this service using the provided guide, contact Samsung support to ask them what you can do.

Go to Sign in & Settings. Here, select Sign in.

  1. This will provide you with a authorization code which you will need to enter into a specified link online.
  2. Use tablet, laptop, or your smartphone to access www dot slash activate.
  3. Sign in to your Google account (if asked), then enter the given code accordingly.
  4. Click Next to continue. Choose your YT account to use on your TV.
  5. Click Allow to finish the procedure. You’re all done! Youtube activate on Switch is an easy procedure.
  6. If you haven’t downloaded the app already, you’ll need to do so and then authenticate your device using a provided code.
  7. We’ll explain everything in detail futher – just follow these steps to complete this authorization process quickly.

Youtube Activate on Xbox One

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a Nintendo Account first. If you do not have it yet, go to the official website to create one. On Switch, go to eShop. Click Search and type Youtube. Click on corresponding result and click on Free Download.

You can now close the eShop and wait until the download is complete.

  1. Click on Youtube app to open it. Select the user to use.
  2. Look on the left and you should see a list of icons.
  3. Select the icon of a person. You will be shown a code. Use another device such as phone or laptop to open
  4. Here, sign in using your Google account, then enter the code given in Nintendo Switch YT app.

Activate Youtube on Kodi

Select YT account you wish to use, then click Allow. We hope that our guide on how to activate Youtube via youtube activate URL was helpful and you managed to access YT services on your chosen smart device.

Now you should be able to access and watch millions of videos freely, whether you’re using Samsung TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, Kodi, Roku, Nintendo Switch or any smart TV.

Please bear in mind that some devices might not have in-built Youtube app, so in such case you’ll have to download it first before the activation procedure.

  1. If you can’t locate the app no matter how hard you try, it might be the case when your device doesn’t support YT at all.
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  5. You can link your mobile device to your Smart TV or streaming device using a code.
  6. After linking your device, you can watch YouTube on your TV when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

Youtube Activate on Apple TV

If you want to link your computer to your TV, you'll need to connect over Wi-Fi. If you're a YouTube TV member looking to watch YouTube TV on your television, check out the YouTube TV Help Center for more info.

Open the YouTube app on your Smart TV or streaming device.

  1. Go to Settings . Scroll to Link with TV code.
  2. A blue TV code will show on your TV. Have your phone or tablet ready and continue with the steps in the "Enter the code" section below.
  3. The TV code should be made of numbers. If the code is made of letters, repeat the steps above to get a numeric code.
  4. On your phone or tablet, open the YouTube app. Tap your profile picture and select Settings.
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