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Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer Revealed The Inquisitors - The Loop. Do you like this video? Z-Bot is the main antagonist of the Bonkers episode "Tokyo Bonkers". Z-Bot is an evil mechanical Toon robot who can merge with any mechanical device. His Toon body is destroyed in the United States, and his brain gets escorted to Tokyo by Bonkers D. Bobcat and Miranda Wright. Z-Bot's robot form. Z-Bot's lackeys, the Ninja Kitties.

Bonkers recaptures Z-Bot. Counter Strike 1.6 - Z-Bot. Z-bots offers different commands including adjusting bot difficulty levels, weapons, controls, numbers, navigation commands, and more. Download: ZBot - CS Bots. Before You start installing Zbot it might be a good idea to backup your current settings just in case.

Character information

Either backup your entire cstrike folder or just the file "liblist.gam" (this is where the changes are made). Unzip the entire content of the zip to your Counter-Strike folder. Should look something like this:. /SteamApps/[email protected]/Counter-Strike/. You will be asked to replace some files, including liblist.gam.

Replace all files. You have now installed Zbot! Now just start Counter-Strike, make a New Game. Now you will need to add the bots to the game. This is done either with the console or by pressing "H". Pressing "H" will bring up the command menu.

Motion Rules

If you prefer the console, commands are listed below. When the first bot joins the. Changing command menu button. By default the command menu is bound to "H". To change this bring up the console and type:. bind "button" "+commandmenu". Causes a bot to be added to the game. "bot_add" will add a bot to the team specified by the "bot_join_team" cvar. "bot_add_t" and "bot_add_ct" forces the bot onto the respective teams. This command takes either the name of a bot, or the keyword "all" - causing all bots in the game to be killed. This command takes either the name of a bot, or the keyword "all" - causing all bots in the game to be kicked. These commands are shortcuts that set the bot_allow_* cvars accordingly. bot_difficulty [0-3].

This cvar determines the difficulty of all newly created bots (existing bots will retain the difficulty setting they were created with).


  1. Zero = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard, 3 = expert.
  2. Difficulty values higher than 3 are reset to 3.


Setting this cvar to a nonzero value will cause the given number of bots to be maintained in the game.
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