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حصريا في موقع zeidgh.com يقدم الى عشاق لعبة الجنرال زيرو اور الاصدار الاروع من هذه العبة generals zero hour full version يتميز هذه الاصدار الذي يمكن ان نطلق عليه بلأصدار الغير مقيد لأمكانية الاعب استخدام جميع الاسلحة وجميع المستويات ومنها الاسلحة الكيمياوية والنووية واضافة عدد كبير جدا من النقود تصل الى (1000000000) وما يميزه ايضا التعديلات على الاسلحة من ناحية التصويب او الانفجار فهو الاكثر واقعية من الاصدارات السابقة والكثير الكثير من التعديلات التي يصعب ذكرها وسوف اتركها لكم لتجربتها بأنفسكم.

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The levels themselves have moved away from the predominantly Middle Eastern desert locales of the first game and include North Africa, the Mediterranean islands and Western Europe, and while the main campaigns are brief they are no less spectacular than you would expect. Spruced up with in-engine cut-scenes, the game is a feast for the senses with explosions that fill the screen, hordes of troops and tanks that pack the maps and the typical C&C soundtrack of industrial dirge that sets the mood perfectly.

Challenge Tanks

To bolster what would otherwise be a thin expansion, EA has introduced a new single-player mode called Challenge; for all intents and purposes a homage to Street Fighter that has you, as your choice of general, taking on eight other generals one at a time as you attempt to become the mother of all battlefield commanders. Each general is an expert in a particular field, with bonuses and special units available depending on their skills. For example, play as Chinese General Kwai - an expert in armoured warfare - and you can build tanks cheaply and earn powerful bonus abilities, his weakness being that he can't recruit artillery units and aircraft are expensive. Go up against US General Alexander - a specialist in base defence, whose inability to build tanks is offset by EMP missiles and cheaper Particle Cannons - and you've got yourself an interesting battle.

Helix Menace

While the new strategies work well, the Al still makes some corking blunders; units often get caught up crossing bridges, while enemy generals always seem to rely on the same routes to attack you time and time again. Saying that, your troops are more coordinated than they appeared last time around so there are improvements.

Of course this wouldn't be much of an expansion pack without some new units and EA has introduced plenty of upgrades and fresh reinforcements for each side. These include GLA combat bikes that tear across the maps at breakneck speed, Chinese Helix helicopters that can transport the massive Overlord tanks across the map and drop napalm bombs and, for the US, the Microwave tank that can reheat a chicken biryani in under five seconds - and reduce enemy buildings to rubble as a happy aside. Add in a couple of new General Abilities and new buildings, like the Chinese Internet Centre, and you have a hefty package that puts most add-ons to shame.

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