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Para jugar Command & Conquer Generals y Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour en modo multijugador por internet existen varias formas:1. Por los Servidores oficiales del juego (EA GAMES) , pero para ello se requiere haber instalado el juego con un serial Original…. Si tu juego no es original e instalaste utilizando seriales con keygen, sigue estos pasos:. Por HAMACHI, se trata de un programa que instalas en tu pc y emula una conexion LAN (Red local) con otros jugadores que tengan instalado este software, la descarga del hamachi la puedes realizar por aqui:

Idiomas (Multi-1)

despues que tengas instalado el hamachi te creas un nick de usuario y agregas los servidores para jugar. Uno que alberga muchos jugadores de Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour version 1.04 es este : RED-WAR1 / password: WAR Al agregar este servidor veras que existena varios jugadores conectados, luego lo que tienes que hacer es entrar al juego y encontrar a los jugadores en el lobby ( Menu principal – Multijugador – LAN ). HAmachi utiliza una ip asignada en sus servidores y es del tipo 5.xx.xx.xx. Por GameRanger, se trata de un cliente que alberga muchos juegos multijugador y a diferencia de hamachi no utiliza una ip propia, si no que utiliza las misma ip de internet, es decir la que utilizas para conectarte, por ejemplo :, el gameranger lo puedes bajar de aca:


There are more realistic and imaginative strategy games available, ones far more demanding of a tactical mind and others that offer up an historical challenge whether it be ancient or contemporary.

But when it comes to whittling down the hours in the pursuit of pure fun, very few strategy games have been as easygoing or as enjoyable to play as the Command & Conquer series. For all its overt and senseless stereotyping, those that could stomach the all-too-current backdrop of its faux Desert Storm setting found the same enjoyment in C&C: Generals, the most recent offspring in the near decade-old series.


Picking up from where last year's episode left off, Zero Hour dishes out three mini campaigns for each of the three warring sides.

Unsurprisingly. EA has again sexed up current affairs with the USA ferrying humanitarian aid and hunting weapons of mass destruction (which in this game are easy to find), the Chinese fighting terrorist armies, while those opting to command the GLA must regroup and harass their two enemies with sneak attacks and biological weapons. The levels themselves have moved away from the predominantly Middle Eastern desert locales of the first game and include North Africa, the Mediterranean islands and Western Europe, and while the main campaigns are brief they are no less spectacular than you would expect.

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