Zero Hour Key

Tactical shooter, first-person shooter, Realistic, PvP, PvE. Zero Hour is a first-person tactical shooter video game being developed and published by Attrito & M7 Productions. It was officially released on August 12th, 2020. Zero Hour is a tactical FPS with online team-based gameplay that takes place in a variety of fictional locations within Bangladesh with realistic scale & resource management.

The game focuses on a grounded, close quarter combat experience. A tactical FPS with online team-based action gameplay that takes place in a variety of locations in Bangladesh with realistic scale & resource management. Inspired by various other tactical shooter games, Zero Hours tries to create a very grounded experience in both the co-op and PvP gamemodes.

The defenders are tasked to protect the bomb from being defused or keep their hostage from being rescued and/or running away. On the contrary, the attackers are to defuse the bomb or rescue the hostage being held captive.

Both sides can also win by eliminating everyone on the other team. In other hand, coop brings you deep into the realistic Close Quarters Combat with more tactics avaiable rather than in PvP. In coop, MS-09 units are tasked to various mission objectives like bomb situation, hostage situation, assasination, and more.

Key Features

Planning Table: At the start of each round, MS-09 Unit (The Attacking Team) can come up with strategies by drawing in the planning table with a 3D miniature version of the location being played similar to the use of blueprints.

Doors: In order to bring a realistic approach, the doors help in encouraging slow and tactical gameplay. It would cause both teams to hesitate before entering a room since it will be oblivious to know what’s going on behind the door.

Breaker Switch: The switch causes a complete blackout of the whole operation building that you're playing on. By doing this, the players won’t be able to visualize their surroundings. The Attacking Team can then potentially gain an advantage by using Night Vision Goggles or Tactical Flashlights.

The Defending Team can respond by using flares and tactical flashlights, which not only enable them to see, but can blind the attackers if they are using NVGs. Resource Management: Both Teams have resources that they need to manage over 3 rounds.

The Attacking Team has 2-3 sets of 7 types of weapons and 5-7 sets of 4 types of gadgets. The Defending Team has 3-5 sets of 5 types of weapons and 3 sets of 7 types of gadgets. These gadgets only fill the first slot while the secondary gadgets are not limited for either team. If both Teams survive the round, they will keep the weapon they had in the previous rounds, however, if an attacker dies, they lose the gun they used in that round.

Both Teams can also pick up guns from dead players. If you are in coop, you shouldn't be worried about resource management since everything is free.

But you can't equip the guns you find on enemies. Hostage: The hostage held captive by the defenders has its own mindset which means it will run away if the defenders are not careful. This is why it is critical to keep an eye on the hostage.

The defenders can also move the hostage around if necessary. Slow/Fast Reload: There are 2 different types of reloads. The slow reload will take a little bit longer but you will be able to keep your mag.


And the fast reload will drop your mag but reloads it much quicker. You can also check your magazine by pressing h (default key).

Zero Hour - Official Launch Trailer.

Zero Hour - Official 101 Trailer.

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